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Order hard red winter wheat in bulk from us at the best market prices of wheat. This wheat is known as “red wheat” because of its reddish hued husk. The berries appear somewhat darker than most whites. With a protein content of about 10.5%, it is quite versatile as a general purpose flour. Winter wheats often produce a higher yield of berries, depending on time of sowing. Hard winter wheat can also have higher gluten content than spring varieties. Buy from us at the best wheat price in the market

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We supply hard red winter wheat that is high in protein, which correlates with increased gluten levels. Along with the high protein count, hard winter wheat is an excellent source of dietary fiber, selenium, and manganese, necessary for proper metabolism and overall health. Low saturated fat, low cholesterol and a minimal amount of sodium made this type of wheat ideal for use in baking breads. Buying quality winter wheat seeds from us is very simple. We are ready to handle your regular supplies of hard winter wheat grains.

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It has an excellent milling and baking characteristics for wheat foods like pan breads, hard rolls, croissants and flat breads. Hence, hard red winter (HRW) can be termed a versatile wheat. So if you are looking for where to order wholesale winter wheat for baking then you are at the right place. Also, the hard red winter wheat is It an ideal choice for some types of Asian noodles, general purpose flour and improves blending. It has medium to high protein of 10.0% to 13.0% (12% mb), medium hard endosperm, red bran, medium gluten content and mellow gluten.

winter red wheat suppliers  Order organic hard wheat for it’s benefits

For the miller, hard red wheat brings consistency to the grist. A balanced mill optimizes flour extraction and helps maximize milling efficiency. Maintaining hard red wheat as the foundation of the mill grist allows the miller to blend other U.S. classes. For the baker, Hard red wheat benefits include improved baking characteristics. This includes dough stability and water absorption, either alone or as part of a blend. The winter hard wheat delivers consistency as it is always available and provides the most reliable foundational ingredient for most wheat-based products.


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